Learning meaning and basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball.

Learning meaning and basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball.

Learning meaning and basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Air volleyball is a type of ball that has same competition rules as regular volleyball, but material, weight, and circumference of ball are different from regular volleyball.

Air volleyball combines competitive, recreational and fitness functions, but it is easy to learn and requires active participation, which is why it is becoming more and more popular among young people.

From point of view of sports innovations, today we will discuss with you the sports value, basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball, which has a positive social value and significance.

Learning meaning and basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Learning meaning and basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball.

Sporting value of air volleyball

(1) Keep fit

Compared to ordinary volleyball, air volleyball is soft, made of soft plastic, light weight, low speed, low technicality, does not impose high requirements on age, physique and skills of participants, there are no special restrictions.

In air volleyball, passing and hitting movements are common, participants must be quick-witted and quick, which helps to increase flexibility of limbs of participants and improve their physical fitness.

So, young or old, you can use balloon volleyball to exercise your muscles, tone your spirit, and improve your physique.

(2) The value of physical education

Physical education is an important part of school education in our country. In school physical education, organization of air volleyball classes can not only enrich content of school physical education, contribute to further development and improvement of system of physical education, but also fill main aspects of physical education.

From point of view of physical education, when physical fitness of young people is gradually declining, using air volleyball as a new breakthrough in physical education teaching, and reforming physical education model, can improve students' physical fitness and increase students' awareness of interest in ball games and lay a solid foundation for development of volleyball talent in my country.

(3) Social Value

The air volleyball is larger and lighter than a regular volleyball, has good elasticity and slow flight speed. During training, there will be no dead ends both in attack and defense. It is very decorative and interesting. Therefore, many people come in contact with air volleyball, they will quickly like air volleyball.

In addition, air volleyball does not have high requirements for equipment and premises, and investment costs are low, so more and more people are playing air volleyball.

At present, entertainment value of air volleyball is widely recognized by people. Many departments, enterprises and organizations can carry out a series of exchange activities through air volleyball to enrich employees' leisure time and improve internal and external exchanges and cooperation.

Learning meaning and basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Learning meaning and basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball.

The basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball

(1) Air Volleyball Basic Technique

The basic technology of air volleyball mainly consists of basic technology and technique of hard volleyball. It is similar and compatible with hard volleyball technology, but also has its own features and technology innovation.

According to technical points, we can divide basic techniques of air volleyball into service technique, cushion technique, passing technique, spike technique and blocking technique.

Among them, air volleyball serve techniques can be divided into push and friction serve, underarm serve, and spin serve. The service technique in air volleyball most commonly used is push and rub serve. The technical meaning of push and rub serve is to put your feet in a line when serving, throw ball with your hands, raise your arms to hit ball, and use your palm to apply force, to shoot ball.

The lining technology in air volleyball is similar to that of regular volleyball. In addition to catching and throwing ball, he can also drag ball, baseball, and block ball with one hand.

The difficulty of stuffing ball in air volleyball is that when stuffing ball you need to catch it with your whole palm, and your hands must be balanced and strong.

Beginners can block ball from front and protect ball with both hands to hit ball when their skills are weak.

The passing techniques in air volleyball include one-handed passing, high pressure passing, two-handed front passing, blocking passing, etc. Blocking passing is most appropriate passing technique for beginners.

Studding techniques in air volleyball come in many forms, with commonly used side hook, net push, and back hook.

The essence of spike technique in air volleyball is to observe and evaluate position of ball as ball flies, swinging arms, arching body and rubbing hard to get ball past block.

Blocking techniques in air volleyball are divided into single block, double block and collective block. The action of block in air volleyball is usually half a measure slower than starting point of a regular volleyball block.

(2) Air Volleyball Basic Tactics

Air volleyball tactics are mainly divided into defense tactics and attack tactics. Among them, defense tactics mainly refers to blocking, including single blocking, double blocking, and collective blocking.

When one person blocks net, except for defender in front of net, rest of players must crouch halfway and maintain a semi-arc shape.

If defenders in front fall, players behind should follow at any moment. When enemy's attack speed is high and attack is strong, it is necessary to arrange a double defense or collective defense. When defending in pairs, two players mustmust stand on either side of unit to avoid leakage.

When defending with three players, player in middle of front row must cooperate with player on left or right to intercept ball to left or right of opponent at any time, and other player must be ready to block and save ball Be ready at any time to save ball closer to your position.

The offensive style in air volleyball mainly includes two-two formations, one-two-one, and an attacking flat pull style. In addition, there is a plug attack, a run attack, and a two-ball attack.

Among them, two-two formation is similar to one-two-one game, in which left and right players attack, and middle player assists in attack. The advantage of this attack scheme is that it is easy to switch, it can reduce number of pre-mesh errors, and it has high attack coordination efficiency.

The reason is that when attacking, each team member has his own defense zone, can attack at any time, and tactics are distributed evenly.

(3) Technical and tactical problems in air volleyball

The main problems in application of air volleyball technique and tactics: second pass is not flexible enough, there are many hissing errors, and they are relatively passive, general tactical awareness of players is not strong.

For example, many beginners are prone to separating their arms and legs when passing setter, that is, when passing ball, they subconsciously catch ball with their hands, but speed of foot movement cannot be maintained. up, so they can't accurately catch it. Hissing easily causes problems such as not passing net and going out of bounds.

To solve these problems, beginners should pay attention to training arm strength and footwork skills when they first come into contact with air volleyball.

Only in this way can we effectively reduce number of errors. Tactical cooperation is a test for whole team. If awareness of cooperation is not strong, players need to strengthen communication and conduct systematic training to improve overall tactical awareness and adaptability on field so that everyone can skillfully cooperate in game. , Improve the team's offensive and defensive qualities.

Learning meaning and basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Learning meaning and basic techniques and tactics of air volleyball.

Summarizing, air volleyball is a popular ball game that has value for physical fitness, entertainment and physical education.

Therefore, all departments should make best use of situation, strengthen cooperation, work well to promote air volleyball, and popularize air volleyball in comprehensive fitness exercises, so that this ball game can be known to more people. People.

October 28, 2023