Target air volleyball frontal kick training

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

The pass refers to a hitting method in which a player jumps up behind offensive line and hits ball above top of net into opponent's court with one hand or arm in air above court.

Smash is most active and effective attack in air volleyball. This is an important scoring tool. As a rule, it accounts for 60-70% of team's points. This is key to winning. Techniques that volleyball players must master.

The sweeping strike is most powerful and fastest behavior. A strong and tactical hit can make it difficult for opposition to block, defend, and counterattack so that side can successfully regain right to serve and score.

The strength of a team's offensive power often depends on skill of team.

Close coordination between first and second pass is necessary for a successful strike, but success or failure of a strike reflects quality and effect of this tactical coordination.

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

We can classify spikes in detail, including: frontal spikes, hook spikes starting with one foot and then spikes, etc. Frontal spikes are most common and basic spikes. competition.

While its primary role cannot be ignored, we must also acknowledge that it is a complex spike requiring high technology, a simple thing.

In this regard, we need to do more research and study of frontal impact, mainly based on difficulties and key learning points as a starting point, in order to conduct a more specific and detailed study of frontal impact. to provide more front impact training recommendations, improve existing training methods more effectively, and improve athletes' impact skills as soon as possible.

Proper frontal spike training should start with inductive exercises, through which players can better improve their sense of space and time during game, so that players can play in shortest possible time. Come to master technique of hitting ball, and finally improve their confidence and courage to play.

However, one point should be emphasized: time for athletes to discuss each other during this process should not be too long. Training Points and methods.

Exercises to do during this time include practicing hitting and throwing ball, as well as practicing high kicks on ball.

The multi-ball training method should be used in this process. The goal is to allow athletes to find feeling through continuous and repetitive movements to better understand and master movements, to improve quality of spikes, so that spikes not only just break ball, but also must be deadly and aggressive.

Secondly, it should be emphasized that this should not be a simple practice of spike insertion, but should also be combined with other elements for routine practice so that athletes can better make spike insertion more standardized.

During full training process, if an error or error is found in a movement, it should be pointed out in time, carefully corrected, and finally reused in training.

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

How to rock ball

(1) Empty hand drill, no interaction of ball is required in this process, it is just a hand swing drill, purpose of which is to better understand two aspects of lead hand and hand swing . The sensations caused by movement and method of practice are as follows.

①Press your right shoulder against wall naturally and repeatedly perform two movements: stretch your arm and swing your arm with empty hands, maintaining strength and stability of swing;

②After empty-handed movement is completed, you can try holding a brick with same weight as racket to practice swinging;

③With help of coach, do following training: let coach hold athlete's forearm to control athlete's two ways: pulling arm and swinging arm, with coach's help, let athlete experience To changing muscle sensation that can be obtained with right action;

④ Have athletes hold a softball in training, and then perform appropriate exercises such as swinging and throwing ball, pulling, kickback curl, ab curl, arm swing, and final wrist swing.

(2) Hitting a fixed ball, goal is to understand where point of impact is to better understand correct batter type and adjustment needed for striking part of different balls.

(3) Practice hitting without moving. This project can be practiced with two types of exercises, such as self-throwing and arching in place, or one throw and one hit.

(4) Appropriate exercises for hitting fixed balls at a fixed point, you can practice swinging your arms in place, or you can choose to hit from a similar height.

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

How to improve hand control

(1) Topspin drills: Stand 2-3m from net and lower net. When men play, height of net is approximately equal to height of net is about 2 m. When women play, height of net is about 1.8 m. change touchdown point to constantly increase strength of ball.

(2) Wall Hitting Practice: You can use self-throws and hits yourself on spot or continuous hits to improve athlete's control during continuous practice. Technique and ability of ball. Of course, there is another way - to practice hitting ball against wall at right angles and hitting ball against left and right walls, respectively. The purpose of this is to train flexibility of wrist's ability to control ball.

(3) Constantly practice judging direction of ball and practice breaking ball. We all know that technique of breaking ball is relatively complex and affects time and space. .The judgment requirements are very good. In practice, we must consider both time and space. You can practice step by step: first, you can judge time, second, judge space, and finally combine time and space. judge.

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

Practice taking off in place

(1) Practice jumping in place. In beginning, you don't have to take your feet off ground. By practicing jumping in place, you will become familiar with strength of knee and ankle extension sequence as you take off from ground.

(2) Take-off training after run-up, goal is to feel connection of movement between stepping and braking in process.

(3) Height training for run-up and take-off, including techniques such as touching shield.

(4) Multi-stage run-up and take-off training. In this process, you must learn to experience run-up and understand correct sense of rhythm. two for comprehensive learning.

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

Choose right jump point and training time

If you choose starting point of a frontal impact, this has always been a matter worthy of attention. Generally speaking, orientation refers to setter parabola generated by hitting ball, following geometric projection projected by its vertex. is in same direction., The distance is about 60-70 cm between two takeoff and landing points.

In this kind of training, most important thing is to set a fixed range limit for second pass's landing point, and then mark key parts like run-up line and jump point. data Method for selecting ideal position of takeoff point, obtained as a result of study.

The two actions of takeoff and run must be coordinated, and of course there must be a rhythm between these two coordinated actions.

These two movements cannot be separated, and we cannot try to break rhythm between them, as soon as this rhythm is broken, quality of athlete's repulsion will necessarily suffer.

However, in order to land best frontal shot, you must consider when and where second pass will land.

Let's take a closer look at teaching method.

(1) The athlete stands in front of net and takes off to catch highest point of self-thrown ball.

(2) Catch ball forward, two conditions: distance to net and landing point do not change, but height changes constantly.

(3) Add a one-step run-up method, control length of step and position of take-off point, and catch ball at highest point.

(4) Use run-and-jump method to help catch those second passes where height is not fixed, but landing point is usually fixed from highest point.

(5) Jumping in front of net to perform spike training with a fixed ball.

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Target air volleyball frontal kick training

Air volleyball can not only train body, but also develop flexible response and ability to cooperate, unity and cooperation. The kick we are discussing today is easiest and most important way to win game of air volleyball. The method and role played by frontal strike cannot be ignored. Only by constantly strengthening targeted training can we better master this highly skilled attacking method.

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