Treating guests is also a type of technical activity.

"Relationships between people are so fragile, seemingly inseparable, but in fact they are vulnerable!"

Inviting guests to dinner is a very common behavior in life that can not only shorten distance between you, but also meet more like-minded people. Whether it is a host or a guest, it is very important that there is a very harmonious atmosphere during meal. Therefore, it is very important to invite people to eat. If owner does not arrange this business well, he will not only not be happy, but will also make various troubles for himself.

So, even if you have a good relationship, invite you to dinner and don't invite following four types of people.

1. People with a bad temper

People with a bad temper should not appear on wine table. Such people lack self-control, and general wine is very bad. It's a group of people who only get drunk when they're drunk, and when they're drunk, they create problems. If someone like this shows up at your dinner party, you have a big responsibility. So let's not invite these people with bad character, so as not to get into unnecessary trouble.

2. People who can't control their mouth and love to gossip

Some people see only to pay attention to privacy of other people, and they also like to take other people's business as an object of their own entertainment. He not only wants attention of gossip, but also continues to broadcast to others, having learned cause and effect. Do not invite such people, so that your meal does not become a place for gossip. If you often invite such people to dinner, it will make others misunderstand that you are same person as they are, and gradually alienate you from yourself in life, which is a loss for you.

3. People with kindness and malice

Despite fact that problems between friends are relatively easy to resolve, after some knots are formed, relationship can be maintained on surface very peacefully, but in private they will have a certain opinion about each other. So please don't invite people who have problems with you. As soon as these people showed up at dinner party, atmosphere immediately became awkward. And if you do not pay attention to your sense of proportion, others will think that you are deliberately trying to complicate their task.

4. People who eat and drink together

The true face of some people is false. They never betray their sincerity to others. No matter how much you pay, they cannot change their distrust of you. Don't invite these people. After they arrive, they will only eat and drink there. After eating, they may point and find fault everywhere, but they will never show your favor. Such a person is heartless. The best way to treat them is to ignore them like air.

Inviting guests is also a technical action.

October 30, 2023