What is greatest happiness in life for many people of our century?

As long as you have mentality, you can think, you can think about things that make you happy in life and what you consider to be greatest happiness. So, before reading Wu Mengchao quotes, what do people consider greatest happiness in life for many people in our era?

I think that many people will answer, that is, buy a house, buy a car, save money to support a family, get married, have twins, healthy parents and a harmonious family. Yes, such a life is happiest life for many people. But such a life is not available to everyone. It can be difficult for many people to get into heaven.

Especially when buying a house, how many young people are at a dead end, and how many young people are still desperately saving up to buy a house. Many young people are in their thirties. The women never held hands. The first kiss is still there and pain in my heart is obvious.

If family has a house, if they were born in countryside, many dare to say that they have been married for a long time, and this is not so bad. Many peers and classmates have to rely on their parents for marriage, and there are more than six relatives who would support them. Almost relying on one's own efforts and hands in struggle, it naturally takes a long time to get married.

Some people feel sad and uncomfortable when they think about it. But some people think that happiness they get as a result of their own struggle is real happiness, and it will last longer. In fact, some people are not dependent on their parents. In this stressful society, they bought a house, bought a car and got married without debt, which is undoubtedly very beautiful and admirable.

Having said that, if you are still not satisfied with above answers and analysis, we might as well read Wu Mengchao's touching quotes that describe greatest happiness in his life, which is extremely admirable! The text looks like this

Someone asked me: "If you go to clinic for surgery all your life, will you feel tired or bored?" My experience is this: a person concentrates on doing what he wants to do and loves to do, yes, it is very pleasant. From day I took scalpel and entered operating table, I saw liver cancer patients receiving treatment, limited area of ​​liver disease treatment was broken, and survivors showed long-lost smiles. I can't help feeling joy often. Happy from bottom of my heart. As a doctor, I am aware of value of life, high responsibility and meaning of life. I don't think I'll be able to put down a scalpel for rest of my life. I have expressed my personal wish many times: if one day I really fall and let myself fall in operating room, this will be greatest happiness of my life! ——Wu Mengchao#吴梦超Quotes#

The willingness to fall, even in operating room, is a kind of spirit that many doctors lack. This spirit is like a steel warrior, even if you want todie, you must die on battlefield to feel noble I am lucky today Read Wu Mengchao's quotes to everyone. We could also use this quote for deeper analysis, research and reflection.

Wu Mengchao also said, “He said that medical expenses of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan are not a big deal for rich people, but for many ordinary people, some people cannot go to hospital, to operating table, or even enter hospital. .No operating table. Lost life, hope, mission of Communist Party is to serve people. If a building is built, a liver cancer diagnosis and treatment center is built, and ordinary people look down on doctor, I, Wu Mengchao, don't worry."

How many doctors yell at their patients for their medical bills? If you scream like Wu Mengchao, ordinary people will look down on disease and feel embarrassed. Look at most of our modern day people who work in big cities and are desperate to make money, most of them are suffering from some kind of illness and yet they are stuck and pushing forward. Maybe try not to go to hospital? why is it so?

Because while you are in hospital, even if you are not sick, this is just an examination, and complex of procedures will cost thousands of dollars. For those desperate to earn money to buy a house, monthly salary itself is low, and there is almost no money for food, drink, and rent. Thousands of thousands who are willing to go to hospital to lose money without any effort?

When I was younger, I knew what my body was like, and I didn't want to go to hospital to torture myself. When you have money, most people want to know state of their health and what indicators exceed norm, it's time to control it.

But truth is, many people don't have money and don't want to pay for a year-long medical checkup. Not to mention medical examination, there are really a lot of operations, that is, a knife operation that takes ten or even a few seconds. How many people can afford tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of surgical fees. What? It can be seen that Wu Mengchao's fears about this are justified and deserve reflection.

October 31, 2023