There is nothing better than a dead heart, a tired heart is a state when a person is in lowest energy state.

#如果,一个人心微微,应该怎么办# In life, we will feel deeply powerless in our hearts because of some things, and there will be an inexplicable feeling of loss that can be described as fatigue.

What should I do if I feel tired? There are ways to alleviate condition:

1. Understand this emotional state correctly. When negative emotions appear, such as fatigue, first of all, do not panic or worry. You should know that such emotions are normal, and everyone will have them, so do not distinguish yourself from others. Feeling that you are different, that no one will understand longing in your heart, since you live in this world, facing trouble and bad emotions is most normal thing, so you must correctly understand this emotional state.

2. Find out cause of heart fatigue. No matter what situation or problem arises, there is always a reason. Don't say you don't know reason. It's just very upsetting. In fact, you can calm down and think about it. What obstacles do you face in life, or what problems do you face in life, just think about it and you will know.

3. Deal with problems one by one. Once you find cause of problem, it will be easier to deal with it. You can find a way to solve these problems. Sometimes problem may be too big to solve. We can break down problem and break through one by one. At same time, you can also ask someone for help, as long as you can solve problem, you can try any method.

4. Adequately lowering your demands on yourself can make you feel tired. The reason is that you have too high requirements for yourself, or you set unrealistic goals for yourself. You will feel exhausted physically and mentally. At this time, you can start with practice and lower your own requirements. Start with small goals and start with simple aspects, step by step. So people will be happier.

5. Develop your own interests and hobbies In this impatient society, you think every day about how to make money, how to achieve your goals as quickly as possible, and think about how to be useful in making money in everything you do. Living like this is very tiring. It shouldn't be like this, you can cultivate petty interests that seem useless, but you can actually cultivate your feelings. For example, growing flowers, learning to play musical instruments, etc. e.

6. Separate life and work. Learn to clearly distinguish between life and work. When you go home every day, you should be able to leave troubles at work at door, and when you go to work, you should forget about dissatisfaction with life for a while.

7. Dealing with negative emotions in a timely manner No matter how big or small negative emotions are, they need to be dealt with in a timely manner. When you have a small negative emotion, just make it settle in your heart.You know if you press a little a day, one day you will be crushed.

8. Write down happiness and joy. Get in habit of writing down every part of your life every day. You don't need to write down bad things, you only need to write down information that can bring you positive energy.

November 01, 2023